Piquant - Full-service Creative Agency - Design, Branding, Media & Web Development

Fighting the good fight.

Piquant is a full-service creative agency based in Limerick City. We have a broad set of skills covering creative and technical fields that allows us to specialise in bespoke projects with a strong sense of identity, interaction and reason.

We are ambitious. We look at the bigger picture and create tailored pieces that speak to your audience. We listen, we create, we communicate. We are passionate creators.

Our Services

Conor Buckley Artistic Director

Conor Buckley

Artistic Director

Conor is an accomplished videographer, photographer and graphic designer. With a focus on the wider campaign, Conor brings to a project his experience in media creation across all formats. Combining his creativity and technical expertise, Conor can always find a unique and visual way to tell your story.

Kevin King, Head of Design, Limerick, Ireland

Kevin King

Design Director

Branding expert Kevin has extensive experience in working with national and international brands. A creative and fluid designer with an eye for detail who specialises in illustration and motion graphics, Kevin always has the wider campaign in mind.

Roisin Buckley Producer & Project Manager

Róisín Buckley

Producer & Project Manager

Communications expert Róisín Buckley specialises in online campaign planning, production and management. Róisín’s project experience includes television production, campaigns, social media, digital, events, print and interactive projects. Róisín is an expert at finding the story, producing the story and promoting the story.

Victoria Brunetta Graphic Designer

Victoria Brunetta

Graphic Designer

A highly experienced and talented graphic designer, Victoria brings to a project her passion for design, her expertise in typography and her skill in creating beautiful design systems. A highly creative problem solver, Victoria also specialises in editorial and web design.

Hugh Heffernan Graphic Designer

Hugh Heffernan

Head of Brand & Strategy

Hugh has a background in brand development and packaging design, bringing a passion for storytelling, typography and strategic design systems to every project he undertakes.

Lyndsey Hall Social Media Manager Limerick Ireland

Lyndsey Hall

Head of Digital Communications & Strategy

A social and digital communications expert, Lyndsey has extensive experience in managing multi-platform, integrated national communications campaigns across the education, health, environmental and culture sectors.

Lucia Mullerova - Graphic- Designer Limerick Ireland

Lucia Mullerova

Graphic Designer

A multiskilled designer, Lucia has vast experience working for an array of top national and international brands in the fields of branding, art direction and graphic design. Lucia is also a talented calligrapher.

Graham Patterson Video Editor

Graham Patterson

Video Editor

Graham is responsible for editing and documenting all of Piquant’s lens based work, as well as concept and art direction of our video output.

Pawel Bogucki Web Developer

Pawel Bogucki

Web Developer

A web developer who loves a challenge, Pawel is adept at finding the perfect coding solution for any web development problem. Pawel is a full stack web developer and is passionate about systemised and intuitive web development; he specialises in PHP and JavaScript.

Ami OShea - frontend developer

Amy O’Shea

Frontend Developer

With a background in animation and motion design, Amy combines a love of art, design and layout with a meticulous eye for the intricacies of coding and tech. A keen problem solver, Amy has a knack for tackling the puzzle pieces that make up the big picture of each project.

Conor Smyth Digital Design Intern Limerick Ireland

Conor Smyth

Digital Designer

Conor works across digital design projects, delivering thoughtful and beautiful solutions with consideration for concept, typography and communication.

Dean Fitzgerald Video Production Intern Limerick Ireland

Dean Fitzgerald

Videographer & Photographer

Bringing a fine art flair to his storytelling, Dean works on production projects at Piquant. With a background in photography, film making and printmaking, Dean delivers creative and engaging outputs to a high standard.

Chris Buckley Director of Photography Limerick Ireland

Chris Buckley

Director of Photography

Chris is an experienced Director of Photography with a background in commercial advertising for international brands, documentary and narrative work. He puts story at the forefront and elevates it with beautiful, resonant imagery. Always ambitious and always curious, he is restless in the pursuit of improvement.

Kellsie Larkin Project Coordinator Limerick Ireland

Kellsie Larkin

Project Coordinator

A dynamic Project Coordinator with a background in business development, Kellsie has extensive experience working with clients across multiple industries. Kellsie works across Piquant services to identify and implement the most efficient workflows, ensuring all projects run smoothly.


Sorcha Fitzgerald

Social & Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sorcha is a growth focused Digital Marketer with a strong background in executing high-impact Social Media and Digital Marketing campaigns. Always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, Sorcha uses her long hours of social media screen time, to develop strategies for growing a digital presence and in turn, deliver successful digital campaigns.

Jack McKeon Graphic Designer Limerick Ireland

Jack McKeon

Graphic Designer

Specialising in branding and motion design, Jack crafts considered, strategic design systems that enable brands to tell their stories as dynamically as possible.

Clara Planelles Project Coordinator Digital Limerick Ireland

Clara Planelles

Project Coordinator – Digital

Clara is a Project Coordinator with a background in filmmaking. Her experience in managing complex film projects has prepared her well for the challenges of coordinating projects in other industries, including web development. Clara works closely with the Piquant web team to ensure that workflows are organised and efficient.