Two of Piquant’s Design Projects Selected for 100 Archive

22 August

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Sorcha Fitzgerald

The 100 Archive have released their selection of 100 significant projects representing the best of Irish communication design, and Piquant are thrilled to have been included amongst the incredible selection. This year, our work for the ‘Limerick Against Racism’ campaign and ‘100 Women of Limerick’ book design, have made the selection.

Limerick United Against Racism

The Limerick Integration Working Group (IWG) worked with Piquant to develop a campaign to send a strong and clear message of solidarity with people who have experienced racism. The result was the development of the award-winning #RootOutRacismLK campaign, which encouraged the people of Limerick to have a conversation about racism. 

To encourage community engagement and to generate awareness and interaction with the campaign, we designed a campaign mural in the centre of Limerick. We developed a participatory format mural that used a repeating pattern of hand sprayed circles in the campaign colours. Members of the public and community groups were invited to join in the creation of the mural, as the simple circle motif meant that everyone was able to take part – no spray painting experience required! When the mural was completed we revealed a message of solidarity, ‘Diversity = Strength’, which had been placed under the mural. The mural was an opportunity to involve community groups, migrant support organisations and individuals in the campaign. The mural continues to share the ‘Diversity = Strength’ message, even after the campaign has been completed. Read the full breakdown of the project here

Limerick United Against Racism Campaign Mural
Limerick United Against Racism Campaign Mural

100 Women of Limerick

In collaboration with Ormston House, a cultural resource centre in Limerick, Piquant created the design for a book by historian and author Sharon Slater, that features the stories of women from Limerick city and county. Working alongside Sharon and Ormston House, to bring the design of the book to life was extremely rewarding.

The font selection is designed to layout extremely different levels of information, from big headings and quotes to 827 references. We defined a rich colour palette that allowed us to assign a different colour to each of the 17 chapters. Each section dedicates two pages to a woman, who was born in or spent a significant period of their life in Limerick. Read the full breakdown of the project here

100 Archive 2022 Women of Limerick Book Design
100 Women of Limerick by Sharon Slater

A special mention to our Graphic Designer, Jack McKeon who was also featured for a personal project, ‘Blister’ that he worked on throughout the year.

Blister by Síofra O’Meara, which was staged during the 2022 Dublin Fringe Festival, is a play which candidly yet humorously explores the taboo of a Herpes diagnosis, and how the play’s characters feel forced to remain together due to the stigma that comes with it.

To highlight this feeling of being stuck together the identity for the play features two disparate typefaces joined by a ligature. The ligature also bears a resemblance to a deflated, misshapen love heart, alluding to the doomed nature of the characters’ relationship. This identity remained understated and typographic to allow photography to emphasise the confusion and conflicting emotions that arise from a Herpes diagnosis. This identity and typographic style were then applied across digital and printed promotional material that was distributed during the festival.

100 Archive 2022 Blister Identity

The annual 100 Archive captures important and distinctive communication design and its impact on life, society, commerce and culture. The 100 Archive charts the past, present and future of Irish design by publishing 100 notable communication design projects, carefully selected each year. 

A huge congratulations to all the other designers and studios selected this year.