Children's Rights Alliance Report Card Design 2019

Children’s Rights Alliance annual report card holds government accountable on children’s rights

3 April

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The Children’s Rights Alliance recently released their 2019 Report Card, an annual publication evaluating the Government’s progress on actions for children. The Report demonstrates the progress that has been made to date, but also highlights the work that still needs to be done in protecting the rights of children and young people in Ireland.

Piquant worked with the Children’s Rights Alliance to design the 2019 Report Card Publication in addition to producing a series of digital and social assets that were effectively used to communicate the content of the Report Card to as wide an audience as possible.

Children's Rights Alliance Report Card Design 2019
Judge Catherine McGuinness and Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance, Tanya Ward

The Report Card is an established accountability tool, scrutinising the Government’s own commitments to children, and is important reading for politicians, policy makers, service providers, non-governmental organisations and academics.

2019 marks the eleventh iteration of the Report Card. This year, the Government was awarded an overall ‘C’ grade for living up to its promises to children, an increase on last year’s ‘C-’ and a significant improvement from the ‘D+’ grade that was awarded in 2017.

This grade represents a satisfactory attempt, but some children are still left wanting. The lowest grade received in the report is an ‘F’ grade in the area of Child and Family Homelessness, a drop from an ‘E’ grade last year. Further, two ‘D’ grades were assigned in the areas of Mental Health and Traveller and Roma Children.

Speaking of the launch, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance, Tanya Ward, said, “Report Card is our most anticipated report each year. We work closely with our members and Government departments to ensure the information is as up to date as possible and the grading is carried out by an independent panel that includes Judge Catherine McGuinness.”

“For the eleventh edition, we were keen to update the design of Report Card, while staying true to our children’s rights focused approach. We were delighted to work with Piquant on designing a new look and feel for our flagship publication. The team were fantastic to work with and we are thrilled with the end result!”

Children's Rights Alliance Report Card Design 2019
Ian Power from SpunOut, Suzanne Connolly from Barnardos, Kathleen Lawrence from Pavee Point, Judge Catherine McGuinness and Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance, Tanya Ward

When it came to the design for the Report Card, we felt that the grading system was a really innovative and interesting approach. We brought the grading system to the fore of the design using the colour palette and typography specified in the Children’s Rights Alliance brand guidelines. We complimented the typographic approach by creating a series of illustrations that related to the content of the report.

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This strategy helped us create a very accessible and easily legible document. We were able to dissect and scatter the highlighted content throughout the printed document. This also served as great content for promoting the launch of the Report Card on social media.

Social Media assets were created to promote the launch of the report and present the key results in an engaging way that could be widely shared. Through the use of icons and infographics, the social assets successfully generated engaging discussion surrounding the Report Card launch and the findings of the report.

Piquant was honoured to work with the Children’s Rights Alliance on the Report Card 2019, which strives to acknowledge the important groundwork that has been carried out in a number of areas, while also highlighting how much more needs to be done to improve the lives of children in Ireland.

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