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Piquant Graphic Designer publishes collaborative book on the relevance of Anarchist thought

11 January

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We are so proud of our own Victoria Brunetta and artist Kate O’Shea on the publication of their book Durty Words! Victoria and Kate have spent over two years collaborating with 134 contributors on the biggest project of their lives. The finished book features 368 powerful pages, including work from Piquant’s Creative Director Conor Buckley, and our former Director Oliver Smith.


Speaking about the concept and realisation of Durty Words, Victoria and Kate say: “Durty Words is an invitation to make a space for dialogue, solidarity, resistance and creation through the medium of print. In 2016, we began the journey of making this book by asking people to respond to the relevance of Anarchist thought today. The title ‘Durty Words’ alludes to the fact that anarchism, along with other theories and practices that seek alternatives to capitalism, are often misunderstood. There are fractures within how we organise for a better world; it is important to recognise these, and therefore we set out to create a space for debate that is built on respect.”

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“By bringing together 134 contributors of different backgrounds from all over the world we aim to begin to map the resonances and dissonances across diverse social movements. In this time of great social injustice, protest is necessary, but there is more to resistance than protest. We are interested in the space that opens up when we create a platform for building alternatives to that which we protest.”

Victoria and Kate are selling 300 limited first edition copies to cover the cost of production, dissemination and 134 books for the contributors.

They plan to continue to develop Durty Words as a platform for dialogue, solidarity, resistance and creation. Piquant is honoured to support this exciting project and look forward to future expressions of Durty Words.

Victoria Brunetta and Kate O'Shea photography
Victoria Brunetta and Kate O'Shea photography