Ken Garland - first things first manifesto

Ken Garland – ‘First Things First’ author and iconic designer RIP

21 May

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It is with great sadness that today we hear of the passing of design icon Ken Garland.
In 1962 Ken along with 21 other designers released the ‘First things First manifesto’
It was a statement that protested against mindless consumerism and the unquestioning design industry that supported it.
It ignited an important conversation about the responsibility of the designer to use their skills to contribute to the betterment of society. This conversation has informed our philosophy here at Piquant.
Ken Garland - first things first manifesto
The ‘First things First manifesto’ has been updated over the years to include climate action and community amongst other things. In recent times we have seen an emergence in pledges and comments to responsible and diligent practice across many industries. Looking back at the ‘First things First manifesto’ published in 1962, it’s very clear that Ken Garland was ahead of his time.
You can read the most recent version here