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Piquant Awards Presented at Limerick School of Art and Design TUS Graduate Show

9 June

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We visited Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) TUS to celebrate the dedication, hard-work, creativity and innovation of this year’s graduates. The graduate exhibition displayed fantastic artwork from 248 graduates across various disciplines, including fine art, design, fashion, graphics, film, sculpture, photography, digital media and more. As part of the event, we had the pleasure of presenting two prestigious awards, namely the ‘Design for Good’ and ‘Creative Media Production’ awards, to outstanding students from the Creative Broadcast & Film Production and Graphic Design Communication courses. It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Darren Chester and Conor O’Dwyer as the recipients of this year’s awards.

‘Design for Good’ Award

Darren Chester, a student of the Graphic Design Communications course, was awarded the Piquant ‘Design for Good’ award for his project on dereliction in Ireland. The guerilla newsprint challenges the normalisation of dereliction in Irish culture and urges for restoration and community revival. Darren’s use of typography, hierarchy, colour and imagery effectively conveys crucial information, connects with audiences and exemplifies the power of good design. Read more about Darren’s project here.

‘Creative Media Production’ Award

Conor O’Dwyer, a student of the Creative Broadcast & Film Production course, won the Piquant ‘Creative Media Production’ award for his short film ‘Hellscape’. Conor undertook an extremely ambitious project centered around a post-apocalyptic community in Ireland. His scripting and attention to detail with world building, locations and set dressing all contributed to a film which keeps you in the story. The technical capabilities displayed were also a deciding factor and ultimately aided in selling the realism of the film.

Both Darren and Conor showcased the high standard of work seen throughout the graduate exhibition. They paving the way as the next generation of creatives, producing thought provoking, impactful and innovative work. Piquant would like to congratulate all of this year’s LSAD graduates and wish them the very best in their future endeavors. We are confident they will make a lasting impact on the creative industry. Explore some of the remarkable work by 2023 graduates here.