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Meet Tomás the Piquant ‘Media Production’ Awardee

2 May

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Piquant is committed to supporting future creatives and celebrating their talents, hard work and dedication. That is why we created the Piquant ‘Media Production Award’, now in its second year. We would like to congratulate Tomás Moran, this year’s awardee. Tomás is a student of the University of Limerick studying Music, Media & Performance Technology (MMPT).

Tomás’ passion shines through his work. His project combines technical proficiency with strong concepts, resulting in an immersive installation that captures the best of what MMPT course in UL has to offer – Graham Patterson

In early April, Graham, Piquant’s video editor and graduate of the MMPT programme, visited UL with the difficult task of judging 15 impressive student projects. We were looking for a project that nailed four key aspects: storytelling, aesthetic personality, technical capability and passion. The winning project explored nature as inspiration for New Media artists, generative art and resulted in an interactive art installation.

Piquant Media Production Award - Tomás Moran

Tomás’s project, “Exploring the Potential of Biologically Inspired Algorithms for the Development of Generative Art”, featured an interactive and immersive installation that engaged the user through generative visuals and soundtrack. The project explored various factors that exist, in art, between nature and the rapidly changing world of technology. Tomás has a bright future in the creative industry and we are proud to have played a small part in recognising his hard work and dedication. Check out Tomás portfolio for more exceptional projects here

Winning the award was an amazing high note to end my four years of studies, and the acknowledgement really does make it feel worthwhile – Tomás Moran

Students also explored technology, innovation, design, culture and accessibility within the creative industry. Thanks to all the MMPT students and lectures for working with Piquant during the selection process. We wish all graduates the best of luck in future endeavors and we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish next!