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What is design? And how can it work for your business?

18 September

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What is Design?

Design is everywhere, we live design every day. It’s the zip on your coat, it’s shoes you are wearing, it’s the website you bought those shoes from, it’s the phone or computer screen you are reading this on.

Good design is visceral, it bypasses your intellect and speaks to your subconscious, it is intuitive. In product design, it’s a couch that is comfortable, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing. In architecture, it’s the window that is correctly pitched to bring the morning light into your kitchen. In visual design, it’s a Sunday newspaper designed to deliver lifestyle news and current affairs.

Good Design pays dividends. Its impact can be exponential, for example, the Zip you find on your coat, sleeping bag or trousers was only designed once, by Whitcomb L. Judson in 1893 in Chicago. Yes, the design might have been refined over the years, but it hasn’t shifted hugely from those original designs. Can you imagine a suitcase or tent without a zip? How many billions of people have benefited from Judson’s design process and resulting piece in 1893?

Design for business success

Design is a crucial part of any successful business. The design process is about asking questions, finding solutions, finding efficiencies and making a lasting change in how your business works. Whether you offer a product or a service, design defines how you interact with your audience (or potential audience) and how that audience interacts and perceives you.

Good design incorporates strategy, it provokes a response, it shares ideas, it alleviates concerns, it communicates values, it builds your brand. Good communication strategy and brand design not only gets you in front of new audiences it also starts and maintains meaningful conversations and relationships with those audiences.

Design ultimately establishes and defines methods that deliver results for any business task.

Mind Over Matter Piquant

Mind Over Matter

The Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) is bringing its national day of design in aid of mental health awareness, Mind Over Matter, to Limerick on 10th of October 2018. For a fee of €75, anyone from an established business to a start-up or entrepreneur can book a consultation hour with a top creative professional based in Limerick. Not only will you receive expert knowledge and ideas, and create new opportunities for your business, but the entire fee will be donated to mental health charity Aware.

This initiative not only raises funds and awareness for a great cause, but it works to promote high standards of design and highlights designers’ responsibility to society, the client, and to each other. This year, just under 200 creative professionals have donated over 1,500 consultation hours in support of this initiative.

Piquant are delighted to be joining the other Limerick based designers taking part in the event.

Mind Over Matter Piquant

Services Piquant can consult on

At Piquant, we have a broad set of skills covering a range of creative and technical fields. At the Mind Over Matter workshop in Limerick, we will be available to consult on services including:

  • Brand Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Video and Photography
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Creation

Check out some of our brand development projects

If you want to chat to us about a design project, feel free to call us, send an email, or message us on Facebook