Piquant nominates three Limerick students for awards

Our Class of 2024 Awards for Creative Excellence

13 June

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Sorcha Fitzgerald

Piquant believes in the power of creativity to inspire and transform society. Limerick city offers a wealth of educational opportunities for young people who push the boundaries of their craft and contribute to their culture and communities. This year Piquant has nominated three talented Limerick students in recognition of their innovative design and media projects.

Design for Good Award

Piquant is delighted to announce the recipient of the prestigious Design for Good Award, Orlaith de Búrca, Graphic Design Communication student at TUS, for her outstanding project ‘Our Tír’. This project is a profound exploration of our appreciation for our country, Éire, featuring two compelling publications: ‘Ár dTeanga’ (Our Language) and ‘Ár n-Éireannachas’ (Our Irishness).

Judge Kevin King, Design Director at Piquant says: “Orlaith’s work is a testament to her personality, shining through with interesting typographic choices that reflect her passion, curiosity, and wit. Her fresh take on ‘Irishness’ makes the concept accessible and engaging, particularly for younger audiences seeking to connect with their Irish heritage in a meaningful way.”

Piquant presenting the Design for Good Award to Orlaith de Búrca, Graphic Design Communication student at TUS.

Creative Media Award

Piquant is thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s Piquant Creative Media Graduate Award – ‘The Keeper’ by Martha Scanlon, Creative Broadcast and Film Production Student at TUS.  This captivating film tells the story of a lighthouse on the edge of the universe and its dedicated Keeper, who has spent centuries maintaining it. The Keeper, now worn down, struggles with the relentless demands of the lighthouse and faces his fear of the darkness.

Judge Chris Buckley, Director of Photography at Piquant, praised ‘The Keeper’ saying: “The Keeper won this award for its world-building, meticulous framing, and fantastic art direction. The lighting was executed beautifully, enhancing the environment, while the soundscape was clean, restrained, and well-crafted. The film holds suspense and keeps viewers engaged from start to finish, making it a deserving winner of the Piquant Creative Media Graduate Award 2024”.

Chris Buckley presenting the Piquant Creative Media Graduate Award to 'The Keeper' by Martha Scanlon, Creative Broadcast and Film Production Student at TUS.

The Digital Storytelling Award

Piquant are also excited to present the Digital Storytelling Award to Freya Farrar (they/them) B.Sc. Music, Media and Performance Technology student at the University of Limerick.

Freya’s installation focuses on key scenes from queer cinema, inviting users to engage with and explore these pivotal moments by placing a water can on various pressure-sensitive buttons. The installation fosters understanding and appreciation of the queer experience through playful interaction and visual elements, creating an engaging environment that challenges perceptions and encourages empathy. 

Judge Conor Buckley selected this project for the combination of interactive elements and cinematic content exemplifies how technology can be used to create meaningful and impactful art.

Conor Buckley says: “Congratulations to Freya Farrar for their outstanding work and well-deserved recognition. We look forward to seeing how their future endeavors will continue to push boundaries and inspire others”.

Farra Freya, Conor Buckley, Graham Patterson and Robin Parmar Presenting Piquants Digital Storytelling Award