Piquant Planted Native Trees with An Dúlra in Mayo

Piquant Planted Native Trees with An Dúlra

21 April

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As part of Piquant’s Sustainable Operations Policy we included a commitment to biodiversity, in line with SDG 15, to combat climate change. To meet this goal we wanted to purchase land and plant trees. This proved to be very challenging doing it on our own, so instead we worked with tree planting cooperative An Dúlra, who have the skills and knowledge to help us achieve our goal. We invested €10,000 in An Dúlra which they are using to purchase land and to plant native trees.

The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, the 2nd best time is now

In February some of the Piquant team had the opportunity to get out to the land purchased by An Dúlra and help get a few native Irish Oak and Alder in the ground. The rest of the trees were planted by professionals who were able to plant a lot quicker than us! But we loved the chance to learn about planting bare root trees and to see the land and how the whole area will be transformed by a native Irish forest. Check out the highlight video from our tree planting day in February.

Tree Planting Is Important

The establishment of new native forests is vital for the Irish environment, helping slow down and combat the effects of climate change. Trees are also important for our waterways, soil and air, as they act as a natural asset for detoxifying and purifying our environment. Lots of animals, insects and plants make native Irish forests their home making them vital for biodiversity and ecosystems. 

An Dúlra

An Dúlra is an Irish Co-Operative that reconnects people with nature through the creation of native Irish woodlands. The volunteer-led organisation operates through a co-operative approach, with openness to investors and a commitment to sustainable native planting, This in line with Piquant’s values of sustainability, community, equality and our commitment to biodiversity.

If you are interested in finding out more about An Dúlra or becoming a member of the Co-Op you can find out more here.