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3 March

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Getting the opportunity to partner with Rethink Ireland, and work with some of the most innovative non-profit organisations in the country, was a hugely exciting prospect for the entire team at Piquant.

We had the opportunity to work with dozens of organisations that all aligned with our values, as individuals and as an organisation.

Our task was to provide communications support to awardees across Rethink Ireland’s youth and arts focussed programmes. We were going to be providing communications expertise at a large scale, but at Piquant we always aim to offer services that are uniquely tailored to the organisation we are working with, fully immersing ourselves to completely understand their audiences, needs and objectives.

To keep that bespoke service offering and to make sure we were offering communications support that was unique to each organisation, we developed a multi stage process of communications auditing, needs analysis, project scoping, and clear communications recommendations.

Rethink Ireland Communications Consultancy

The Approach: Developing a system to create bespoke outcomes

For each organisation, we began with a detailed audit and analysis of their current communications, their ambitions, and their capacity. This involved developing a scoping document that explored the communications landscape within their field, and carried out a contextual and critical analysis of current communications.

Identifying audiences

We started by defining their target audiences, analysing each audience in terms of what they need, where they can be reached, and the messaging that is relevant to them. Familiarising ourselves with each organisation’s target audience allowed us to make communications recommendations that would be effective and relevant.

Current Communications Analysis

We delved into each organisation’s current communications offering across social, digital, press and broadcast, conducting a critical analysis of each communications channel and social media platform. This involved recognising areas of strength and weakness, identifying technical snags or issues, and making initial recommendations for each platform.

Organisational Structure

It was clear to us from the outset that capacity for managing communications was vastly different in each organisation, and our recommendations would need to be appropriate for each organisation’s level of skills and resources. We investigated the internal structure of each organistion to make sure that our offerings would provide the best and most relevant support possible.

SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis allowed us to identify areas where the organisation was performing well, such as the social platform they had made good progress on, or specific skills they already had. It also allowed us to identify opportunities for communications development, such as untapped resources, or potential collaborations. Identifying areas of weakness in the organisation also helped to inform our recommendations and service offerings.

Communications Recommendations

Now fully immersed in each organisation and their communications landscape, we were in a strong position to apply our learnings and analysis to a strategic communications plan. This involved putting together a bespoke ‘menu’ of potential communications support for each organisation, covering the full range of services provided by Piquant, and allowing the organisation the freedom to choose the options that best suited their immediate needs, whilst also identifying potential future projects.

Rethink Ireland Communications Consultancy

The Outcomes

The result was an expansive array of communications projects across multiple organisations, with an impressive variety of projects delivered.

Graphic Design

We designed a wide range of materials such as social media assets, brochures and flyers, funders documents, and presentation templates.

Brand Development

In organisations where they had an identity in the form of a logo but maybe little else, we were able to build up a set of identity guidelines. The identity guidelines included details on how to use the logo, colour and font information, as well as developing image recommendations, visual approaches for content creation, and building out a suite of additional visual elements to use in telling the organisation’s story.

Campaign Management

For some organisations, we assisted them with managing campaigns at multiple levels, developing campaign strategies, content schedules, and suites of campaign assets.

Digital Communications

For others, we offered other communications services, such as developing testimonials, managing influencer campaigns, writing social media style guides, or developing year-long Communications Strategies and support documents.

Training & Consultancy

Some organisations identified specific training needs, from basic platform introductions to more advanced topics. We delivered training across a wide range of areas such as social advertising, Google Analytics, content creation, storytelling and online video.

Motion Design

We developed motion graphics for use across social and digital platforms. We worked with the organisations to identify clear messaging that was in line with their organisational goals. Our approach was to create a suite of on-brand motion graphics that communicated the impact and effectiveness of the organisation. The motion graphics were delivered in multiple sizes for publishing on all social and digital platforms.


A robust image bank was something many organisations needed, and is hugely valuable for social media communications and maintaining a website and for publishing to social and digital channels. We developed bespoke moodboards for each organisation that identified a photography approach that would connect with their audiences. Our project manager coordinated the shoots ensuring all images on the shot list were captured and the organisations received a bank of high impact edited images delivered in both high and low resolution.


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