Anytime of the month: Taking Steps to Normalise Periods and Eradicate Period Poverty

Taking steps to normalise periods and eradicate period poverty

25 March

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Piquant has recently signed up to become an ‘Anytime of the Month’ Ambassador organisation. Anytime of the Month, is a student-led social enterprise aiming to alleviate the effects of period poverty through creating a network of friendly strangers. By signing up to become an Ambassador Organisation, Piquant is committed to providing a donation that will be passed on to the homeless and those in Direct Provision, providing free period products at our studio, and taking part in a workshop about period poverty.

Let’s Start With The Workshop

Áine and Ciara, two UL students working with ‘Anytime of the Month’ set up a Zoom workshop and the full Piquant team attended. We knew it was going to be forty-five minutes long but other than that we were not sure what to expect. What unfolded was a very engaging, highly informative, and eye-opening workshop where everyone at Piquant had the opportunity to learn more about periods, period poverty, and the environmental impact of period products. Áine and Ciara were really well informed and delivered an excellent presentation that included quizzes, eye-popping facts, hard-hitting videos and really helpful tips about how we can all help to normalise the language around periods, how we can support those experiencing period poverty and how we can reduce our environmental impact by choosing sustainably produced period products.

“Periods cost approximately €20,000 in an average lifetime for people who menstruate.”


Some Things We Learned

  • 35% of people find it difficult to pay for period products.
  • 75% of people have gone longer than the recommended 4 hours wearing a period product because of financial reasons or lack of availability.
  • 64% of people have borrowed a period product from a stranger.
  • 89% of people would feel more comfortable approaching a stranger for a period product if they were displaying the Anytime of the Month logo.
  • Periods cost approximately €20,000 in an average lifetime for people who menstruate.

What Will Piquant Do Now?

Piquant is excited to take the learnings from the workshop and apply them positively in our studio. We have pledged to prominently display the Anytime of the Month stickers and badges so that our team and any visitors will feel comfortable talking about periods or requesting period products. We are committed to purchasing sustainably sourced period products which will be available for free in our bathrooms for the team and visitors to use. We will continue to support Anytime of the Month financially through an annual donation.