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Unravelling Threads: Navigating the Pitfalls of Trend-Chasing on Social Media

11 January

Posted by
Sorcha Fitzgerald

Lyndsey Hall, Head of Digital Communications, dives into the pitfalls of chasing conformity over connection.

Threads – you’ve probably heard the chatter, and your brand might be feeling a bit left out. 

With many brands establishing a strategy across multiple social media platforms, and with the increasing shift towards a pay-to-play model, getting organic reach has become more challenging. And in response, brands are intensifying their efforts to boost engagement. This often leads to brands jumping on the latest social media platform, with many of them diving in with the ubiquitous ‘unhinged social media manager’ persona; the internet snark and chronically online humour adopted by so many brands that they’ve all started to sound the same. What started as a unique strategy on platforms like Twitter has now become an industry-wide engagement-bait, and also it’s just not funny anymore. 

So when a new platform like Threads shows up, brands trip over themselves to post the quirkiest content, only to end up sounding like a broken record. 

But not every brand needs to ride the latest social media wave. In fact, the notion of being the early bird on platforms like Clubhouse, Bluesky, or Threads can be more cringe-worthy than commendable. Jumping onto a new platform solely for the sake of being an early adopter is not a strategy rooted in connection; it’s a performance, and not necessarily a good one.

Early Adoption for the Sake of Coolness

Being the first brand on a new social media platform may seem like a flex, but it can also just be a fleeting moment of digital bravado. Your audience is more interested in meaningful engagement than your brand’s attempts at trend-chasing. Early adoption for the sake of coolness doesn’t necessarily translate into genuine connection with your audience.

Connection Over Trend-Chasing

Social media is a tool for connecting with your audience, not a race to be the first in line for the latest trend or platform. The allure of being a pioneer on Threads might be tempting, but the real value lies in building authentic relationships with your audience.

Prioritise developing educational, inspirational and valuable content. Your audience cares more about authenticity and substance than about how quickly you can jump on the latest digital fad.

Silence, Brand: The Power of Thoughtful Strategy

Instead of rushing to join every social media bandwagon, take a step back. Evaluate whether a new platform aligns with your brand’s identity and target audience, and whether your audience will genuinely benefit from your presence there. 

The key is a thoughtful, strategic approach. Social media success doesn’t hinge on being the first to every party; it lies in understanding your audience, providing valuable content, and fostering genuine connections.

Focus on delivering meaningful content, forge a genuine connection with your audience, and move beyond cringe-worthy performances. Silence, brand, silence.

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