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New website launched by young people with experience of Tusla services

5 March

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A group of dedicated young people with experience of Tusla’s services have launched a new website to help others like them to better understand the work of the Child and Family Agency. This new site, ChangingFutures.ie, has been created by young people, for young people, through their immense creativity and passion.

We at Piquant are honoured to be involved in this exciting and important project, helping to bring the vision of these young people to life.

Both the website design and content has been created in consultation with young people who use Tusla’s services, presenting content to young people based on their requirements.

Tusla Piquant Media Changing Futures Website Development

Speaking about the development of the website, Dillon Owen (16), one of the contributors to the project, said that “the website is for young people that need information but also don’t want to be judged or thought of differently.”

According to Dillon, it was important to use “child-friendly” language and to target the different age groups that need the information that Tusla provides. As well as this, the group felt that most of the information available currently was in physical format, in leaflets and brochures, and that it was important to move into a medium where young people felt more comfortable and engaged.

“Everyone is connecting online nowadays, so we thought [a website] would be more engaging because a lot of young people are on websites and when they are on websites, I think they feel more comfortable.”

Over the past year, Tusla service users worked with students in IADT Dun Laoghaire on design ideas, developing and approving the final concept.

Piquant worked on developing the website based on this consultation with Tusla service users, creating a suite of custom icons, characters and motion graphics to populate the site.

ChangingFutures.ie was launched on March 5th.

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