Campaign Management

In the ever changing and competitive landscape of digital marketing, it can be hard to get your message, idea, or product to stand out. However, as well as the challenges it brings, social and digital marketing gives us the opportunity to deliver personalised, relevant content directly to your target audience.

Social & Digital Marketing Strategy

A social and digital media marketing strategy is essential for focusing online marketing by defining goals, identifying target audiences, solidifying messaging, setting key targets and outlining effective marketing initiatives. We will work with you to produce an integrated social and digital marketing strategy that connects what is happening online with offline marketing activities. We will set measurable targets and present cross platform initiatives that will realise the strategy goals and targets to deliver your message to the desired audiences.

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campaign management

Social & Digital Media Schedule

The social media schedule is a crucial calendar tool and road map to realising the social and digital marketing strategy. Piquant will apply the initiatives identified in the strategy to detailed schedules that clearly catalogue the day-by-day activity to take place on each platform throughout the campaign. The schedule will include post copy, messaging, connectors, audience details, hashtag usage, content requirements and advertising specifics.

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Social & Digital Media Management

At the social and digital media management stage we place, monitor and analyse the social and digital content across all the platforms specified in the schedule, including organic content, advertising campaigns and managing influencer marketing. Piquant will monitor the social and digital activity through social listening and analytics review. Weekly or monthly analytics will be provided as well as an end-of-campaign report, which includes a review of the data and recommendations on how to improve results for future campaigns.

Piquant can take you through the complete campaign cycle, from campaign concept, to strategy and scheduling, placement and monitoring, analytics and reporting.

Social & Digital Marketing Strategy

Building Online Audiences

What are you trying to say, to achieve, and to who? We help you define your goals and objectives, identify your key messages, and find your target audience online.
As a business, it can be daunting trying to decide what social networks and digital platforms to focus on, as each one comes with its own audience and creative potential. We can help you identify which platforms best suit your business, your message and your audience.

Our Social & Digital Marketing Services

Social and digital media strategy

A social media and digital marketing strategy is essential to give your online marketing efforts a purpose, helping you to define your goals, your target audience, and key targets for the year. Having a plan for how to achieve your objectives allows you to measure the return on investment for your online marketing activity and improve your efforts in subsequent years.

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Social and digital media schedule

Having a day-by-day schedule is essential for mapping out exactly what message, copy and content you want to release on each day of a campaign. We create detailed content schedules that identify what content will be delivered when, and on which platform, to ensure optimal delivery, campaign visualisation and organisation.

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Influencer Marketing

Is working with social media influencers or ambassadors something you’ve been thinking about? We negotiate and liaise with influencers and ambassadors to build and maintain strong relationships that will expand your exposure across social platforms with unique content.

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Social and digital media management – placement and monitoring

Piquant has experience placing and monitoring organic and advertising content across the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Google and Programmatic. Our skilled team will ensure all content is correctly placed to maximise audience exposure and interaction. We actively monitor all online performance, tweaking targeting, content and approach as required.

Social and digital media management – analytics and reporting

We provide detailed analytics at regular intervals throughout a campaign. Analysing the data is essential for maintaining a responsive approach that maximises audience engagement and reach. We provided detailed end-of-campaign reports that include key campaign information, visuals and recommendations.

Social and digital media workshops

Perhaps you and your team would like to start managing your social and digital media presence but are not sure where to start? Our hands-on social and digital training workshops can give you the motivation and skillset you need to take your online presence to new levels, from strategy development to implementation.

Content Creation

What do we mean when we say content? Interesting, valuable, and attractive content is essential for getting your audience’s attention and cutting through the noise. Content can take the form of video, animation, graphics, images, copywriting, and more. Our content creation process involves digging deep into your organisation to find the stories that will connect with your audience and motivate them to watch, like, share, and click.

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Social Media Advertising

We place advertising content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, helping you to identify the best channels for your business. Our detailed knoweldge of audience targeting measures on every social network allows us to place your ad content in front of your target audience. We create ad campaigns that run across multiple social media platforms, with a wide range of budgets, on a local, national, and international level.

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Digital Advertising

Another channel of online advertising available to you is Digital Advertising, in which ads are placed across websites, search engines and video networks. We reach audiences through digital advertising campaigns on Google Ads, creating compelling ad copy for search engine results ads, as well as designing and executing dynamic display advertising campaigns to get your ads on some of the biggest sites across the web.

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