Content Creation

Content Creation

We create quality content that delivers your message to your audience in an engaging and connected way across multiple social and digital media platforms. We ideate, strategize, create and disseminate content that provokes thought, encourages discussion and illustrates your story.

We have the skills, experience and motivation to create full suites of online content and can advise you on which content type is the best fit for your project, your message and your budget.


We identify the goals, messages, audience and platform for each piece of content we produce. We investigate opportunities for collaboration and assign budgets and resources.

Team Approach

We involve the whole team in the content creation process from producers, social media managers, designers, animators, videographers, photographers…


We always start with a strategy, which leads to a content schedule. A content list is devised from the schedule and passed to the production team, who then design and produce each asset required to realise the digital strategy.


We look at what others are doing inside and outside of your industry.
We assess creative approaches and see what is relevant and a good fit for each platform.


We take the learning from the define and research stages to develop key concepts that can creatively communicate to audiences. Once signed off we apply the concept to treatments, storyboards and scripts and then create a full suite of digital and social assets tailored to each platform and target audience group.


We will produce and craft high-quality concept driven lens media for online sharing and distribution. We believe in the power of ‘Story’ and will develop strong and engaging story-led concepts that resonate with your audiences and stakeholders.

Content Types

We create full suites of platform specific online content including concept videos, vox pops, animations, cover photos, photographs, infographics, web adverts, animated gifs, branded images, carousel adverts, canvas and cards.

At Piquant we foster a spirit of collaboration between producers, videographers, designers, copy writers, web developers and motion graphic designers to bring together all the storytelling tools of script, live action, animation, sound and graphics to create engaging videos.


We can advise you on how to best to utilize and release your content, or release it for you.


Analysing and reporting on content performance across all platforms is important to our creative approach. Through systematic ongoing analysis we can continually adapt and improve content creation, thereby building audiences and increasing desired outcomes.