Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

The umbrella term ‘Digital Marketing’ covers a fairly long list of online marketing activities. Therefore, it can be helpful to break it down into the variety of different areas it encapsulates – after all, the strategy, approach, and content for each area is entirely different.

Digital Advertising is one such area – seperate from social media adveritising, digital advertising can refer to paid ads that appear across websites and search engines. It’s the ads that find you when you’re searching for a particular product or service, and then follow you around the web.

At Piquant Media, we create and execute digital advertising campaigns across a range of placements and formats. Let’s break down the different aspects of digital advertising and look at each one.

What is PPC?

First off, you may often hear the term PPC used in relation to digital advertising. PPC stands for pay-per-click, and refers to any kind of online advertising in which you buy traffic to your website by paying each time your ad recieves a click.

Google Ads

Ads that appear at the top of your Google search engine result, or pop up across the web after you visit a website, are usually put there using Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising platform in the world, and that’s where we conduct digital advertising campaigns, allowing is to place ads on the Google search engine, and any other properties owned by Google.

Search Network

When we talk about these ads that appear in search engines like Google, we are referring to ads that are placed on the ‘Search Network’. These Search Network ads target specific keywords, and appear at the top of the search results page when anyone searches for those keywords.

Display Advertising

We also refer to ‘Display ads’ and ‘the Display Network’ when we talk about digital advertising. Display ads, also known as banner ads, are ads that appear on websites. They may appear across the top of a web page, or down the side, and can be still, animated, or videos. The Display Network refers to the network of websites that are available for you to place your ad on, and includes some of the biggest sites across the web.

Video advertising

We manage video ad campaigns using Google Ads, placing bumper ads and skippable in-stream ads on YouTube, video partner sites and apps.

Keyword research

Before we get into placing all these different kinds of digital ads, especially Search Network ads, some serious keyword research is a key part of your marketing stratgey. This is where we conduct extensive research to figure out what your customers are searching for, what terms and phrases they are using, and how competetive these keywords are. Sometimes the results can be surprising – a word or phrase that you may not have thought of could turn out to be a top search query for your website


Have you ever left an item sitting in your online shopping cart, and then later noticed an ad for that same product on your Facebook feed? Remarketing is a form of digital advertising that allows you to retarget audiences who have already engaged with your business or organisation. These are the ads that follow you around the web, or pop up as a reminer of a website you visited a few weeks ago. We can coordinate remarketing activities to reinfornce your message with existing audiences or support your e-commerce advertising.