Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is any paid content placed on a social network. At Piquant Media, we create, place and manage advertising content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn, and our approach for each one is different.

Our detailed knowledge of each platform allows us to create bespoke content for every ad placement, and drill down into audience targeting measures to reach your target audience.


Each social medial platform caters to a distinct audience, with variations in content style, format and tone. We analyse your target audience and key objectives in order to choose the ideal social platforms for your advertising content. A focussed campaign on correctly chosen platforms is much more effective than a a catchall approach.

Audience targeting

Each social platform has different measures available for audience targeting. Detailed knowledge of how to use these opportunities for audience targeting allows you to place your advertising content right in front of your target audience. Our expertise with audience targeting on every social platform allows us to find your ideal target audience online by analysing their demographics, behaviours, interests, activities and more.


Brand awareness, reach, website traffic, lead generation, event responses, app installs, video views… There are a multitude of options when it comes to choosing your advertising ‘objective’ at the campaign creation stage of social media advertising. We help you choose the right objective for your advertising content, message and targets, tailoring our ad formats and copywriting to suit these choices.

Formats and Placements

There are a wide range of advertising formats available to you on every social media platform, and each one offers different placement options. Carousels, Lead Forms, Collections, Instant Experiences, Stories, Geofilters, Promoted Trends – we know exactly which formats will best suit your objectives, budget, and audience, and we create bespoke content for each placement.

Budget and Spend

Understanding your objectives, audience size, and chosen platforms can help to determine your budget and spend for social advertising. We can advise on budgets for any social media advertising campaign, and if you have a set budget, we can allocate that spend across all your chosen platforms and ad formats.