Media Production

Regardless of what industry you are in, or what what stage of development your business is at you need content that can tell your story to customers and clients. Media production involves producing visual and audio content that tells your story and showcases who you are.

Piquant’s Approach

The media content production process has to begin with a multi-skilled creative team researching all around a project, brainstorming, concept testing, and ultimately realising a compelling concept that will communicate your message to your audience. At Piquant we foster a spirit of collaboration between producers, videographers, designers, copy writers, web developers and motion graphic designers to bring together all the storytelling tools of script, live action, animation, sound and graphics to create engaging, concept driven media content.

media production
media production


At Piquant we have the in-house skills and media production experience to produce a full suite of creative content that will delight your audiences and celebrate your brand. Our media production services include video production, photography, design, motion graphics and radio production. Our skilled producers will identify the best format for your brand, campaign or strategy.

We produce and craft high-quality, concept driven media content for online, cinema and broadcast. We script, we produce, we shoot, we edit and we disseminate. We believe in the power of ‘Story’ and always strive to access the authentic human element in our work.

Video – Online

Video content dominates in online and social spaces, but getting your video in front of your audience in a crowded space can be difficult without an advertising budget. Our experience and knowledge of online platforms enables us to make choices at pre-production stage in terms of messaging, concept, and video length that can help get videos in front of audiences, without an extensive marketing spend budget.

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Video – Cinema & Broadcast

Video content is an excellent way of communicating your message in broadcast media and cinema as well as online platforms. When producing videos, we work with clients to identify key messages and audiences. We develop strong and engaging bespoke story-led concepts that resonate with audiences and stakeholders.


We work with clients to define photographic briefs specific to each project that we work on. When working in photography, an essential first step is to develop mood boards and references to identify the style, mood and photographic approach suitable for each shoot. We have extensive expertise in producing digital and print imagery for all platforms and formats, from billboards to Instagram posts.

Graphics & HTML Adverts

Graphic design for social and digital platforms is an important consideration when sharing your story online. From annual report pull quotes for Instagram to HTML Google Display adverts our experienced graphic designers create stunning graphics that capture the eye, and the imagination, of your audience.

Motion Graphics & Animation

With advancements in technology and increased expectations from audiences, motion graphics and animation are an increasingly vital component of brand positioning and story telling. At Piquant, we use motion to enhance and explore creative concepts that communicate and connect with audiences. Our skilled animators and designers bring motion graphics, illustrations and animation to life on screen.

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Radio is an excellent vehicle to get your message to national and regional audiences. We produce creative scripts that explore all the possibilities of the radio medium to realise a campaign concept and deliver key information. We work with talented voice over artists and offer talent management services to find the ideal voice for each radio advert we produce. Combining voice, sound effects and music, we produce striking and memorable radio adverts.

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