Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a creative method for communicating your brand or story to audiences across social and digital platforms. They can communicate complex ideas in an easy, approachable, and engaging manner. Motion can elevate the message and cut through the clutter of messaging we all face every day.

Concept Driven

The creative concept is at the heart of all Piquant’s motion work. Our strategic approach to motion allows us to generate pieces that can support and bolster your message, simplifying complex and abstract concepts into creative solutions. We create motion pieces that work to elevate your brand and best utilise your brand presence on all digital platforms.

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Utilising your Platforms

With advancements in technology and increased expectations from audiences, motion graphics are an increasingly vital component of brand positioning and storytelling. Just as important, is understanding how your audience interacts with the multitude of digital platforms available, from websites to social media. At Piquant, we adapt our motion graphic communications to best serve each platform and connect with your audience.

Speaking to your Audience

We tailor our motion graphics with your audience in mind. We can develop explainer videos, animated logos and brand assets, title sequences, animated presentations, and motion graphics composited within live-action footage. We choose the method most relevant to your audience and that will best serve to communicate your message. By understanding what you need to communicate, and to whom, we can develop a solution that determines how best to accomplish this.

Motion Graphics
Motion graphics are transformative, from adding true depth to your brand expression, to simplifying and distilling the most complex of ideas.

Our Motion Graphics Services

HTML Adverts

We can create a range of motion graphics to be used as display ads and Google Ads, made using CC Animate. These adverts are of a low file size without compromising on the quality of the video. These ads give your campaign an edge in reaching a wider audience.

2D Motion Graphics

2D motion graphics is a seamless way to translate your brand into an animated platform. This is accomplished using After Effects. We define a motion styles that will compliment your existing brand features and develop energetic and engaging solutions that align with your brand values and tone of voice.

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3D Motion Graphics

Utilising photorealistic 3D motion graphics is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. From animating iconography, manipulating real-world objects and environments in impossible ways, to integrating stunning visuals into live-action footage, 3D motion allows for huge range and flexibility in application.

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