Website Design & Development

We build human-centred, intuitive website projects that allow our clients to create, publish and grow their organisation. We combine exceptional design with comprehensive development solutions so our clients can express their brand consistently and effectively in the digital space. Our websites are functional, fast, reliable and accessible on all devices, all of the time.


We work with our clients to identify organisational goals and audience requirements. We analyse existing data and current digital offerings, along with desired project outcomes to create a project strategy that will inform and bring efficiencies to the design, technology and content stages of the project. We clearly define strategic objectives and success metrics to test and measure the project against.

website design and development
website design and development


At the design stage, we distil complex ideas and functionalities into intuitive, elegant, interactive experiences. We do this by placing the user and their requirements at the centre of our process. We prototype, test and define information architecture with the end-user in mind. We design for each step of the user journey to deliver human web experiences with character and elegance.


Our development team build exceptionally fast intuitive websites with impeccable mark up. Our intelligent framework structuring and lean code lead to accurate content listing and the highest SEO rankings. We offer bespoke digital solutions and API integrations for businesses and organisations that want to develop online opportunities. With a speciality in Open Source content management solutions, our websites are designed to serve and grow with your business.

website design and development

We create winning projects for ambitious businesses, NGOs, educational institutions and government agencies.

Our web design and development services

Drupal / WordPress Development

We will pair you with the correct Content Management System for your project. Once the correct system is selected we can design and develop themes, plugins and modules to ensure that the visual and functional requirements of your project are met.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce has never been more accessible. We will pair you with the correct ecommerce solution to match your business needs. We can cater for custom ecommerce development should your requirements fall outside the remit of default ecommerce functionality.

Content, website & hosting migration

We can facilitate the full migration of your website from one hosting provider or server to another. We can also help with the migration of content from one CMS to another.

IA (Information Architecture)

Information architecture helps website users to understand their surroundings, and find what they are looking for. We work to create a positive user experience by meticulously planning and designing the information structure for all websites we build.

UI (user interface) Design

UI design is an integral part of the web development process. Not only does it ensure that the UI is aligned with brand guidelines but it also helps to ensure that all stakeholders’ needs are being met.

System UX (User Experience) prototyping

System UX prototyping ensures that the project is developed with the end-users in mind. By mapping this out from the beginning, we can ensure that the end-user will be able to achieve their goals before any resources are spent on Design or Development.

Backend/API integrations

Interoperability is an ongoing requirement in modern web development. We regularly work with Rest APIs to provide third-party integrations to help our clients to fulfil their specific business needs.

Payment Gateway integration 

We work with the major payment processing platforms to provide payment gateway integrations for both standard ecommerce solutions and custom ecommerce requirements.

Security audit and optimisation

By reviewing your security practices, we can identify any areas where your security might improve, and provide practical guidance to ensure that you and other website administrators are exercising best security practices.

SEO audit and optimisation 

The SEO landscape is ever-changing, with the major search engines requesting that new standards are met on an on-going basis. Our approach is to enable you to navigate this landscape, with practical systems and training that you can implement to aid you in establishing and/or maintaining your web presence.

CMS training

We provide Custom CMS training. This means that the documentation and tutorials that we produce are created specifically for your web project to best reflect the real-world experience. We understand that staff training is an ongoing business requirement which is why we also provide video tutorials which can be used for onboarding new staff in the future.

Support and Maintenance

Manage your website with the peace of mind that your files and databases are regularly being backed up and can be restored. You and your staff can also leverage our experience with content management related issues to ensure that you can perform the tasks that your business needs.

Accessibility audit and compliance

Can a screen reader be used on your site? Are the font colour and background colour suitable for accessibility? Can your site be navigated without using a mouse? Are your alt tags descriptive and relevant? Accessibility is often forgotten about in modern web design, but its importance has never faltered. Ensure that your website is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Performance audit and optimization

We can review your site to ensure it is up to speed (pun intended). Web pages need to load fast. Images need to be the correct size and compressed. Caching needs to be enabled. And the user needs to be able to access your site both on desktop and mobile.

GDPR compliance audit

Working with your GDPR compliance officer, we will ensure that your web presence only handles user information that it requires. We will also ensure that the GDPR compliance officer has access to user information as they require it.

DXP – digital experience platform solutions

We can help to consolidate your content generation efforts to one headless CMS. The content on this single CMS can then be used across multiple websites, apps and Social Media platforms which will condense your digital marketing efforts.