Dundalk Institute of Technology Brand Development Campaign Management Video Production

DkIT Undergraduate Campaign

Piquant Media worked with Dundalk Institute of Technology to create an Undergraduate recruitment brand identity ahead of the CAO Change of Mind deadline. After creating the new campaign identity, we launched a targeted online campaign and created a series of promotional videos. The campaign aim was to connect with targeted audience groups, generating awareness of DkIT undergraduate offerings and driving traffic to the university website.

What we did:

  • Brand Development
  • Video Production
  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media & Digital Graphics and Animations
  • Copywriting

BRAND DEVELOPMENT — DkIT offer career orientated courses with a future focused approach. The focus of the project was to develop a campaign identity that would bring consistency and strategy to DkIT’s marketing materials, and emphasise the practical, hands-on courses and welcoming atmosphere of DkIT. We worked to develop a consistent, dynamic graphic identity system that had multiple vehicles for delivering messages across various channels.


The campaign identity consists of a core #ThinkDkIT hashtag, and we also developed the tagline ‘Start Something New’. The concept was realised through graphics, imagery and copy writing.

Core to the brand is a modular grid system that combines typographic rules, brand patterns, photography/videography and a set colour palette. These elements are freely moved around the grid which has streamlined production and allows designers to quickly create multiple communications that are unique to DkIT.

GRAPHIC DESIGN — We created a strong visual identity consisting of a branded colour palette, images, graphics and animations. Visuals for the campaign combined imagery with graphic elements to create dynamic visual compositions while maintaining continuity across all media.

We designed branded social media assets to tie in the existing social channels with the campaign identity, and produced a suite of digital advertising assets for social media and Google Ads. We also created custom graphics for various pages on the DkIT website, to create a cohesive design experience and bring the site on brand with the overall campaign.

VIDEO — We developed a series of video interviews with select students that reflected the new brand identity and showcased the quality courses, exceptional facilities and welcoming atmosphere of DkIT. The videos we created reflected the visual style of the brand identity, with integrated graphic elements.

ONLINE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT — We developed a social and digital campaign schedule that coordinated the campaign across multiple online channels, combining both native and advertising content. Once the campaign was rolled out, we managed all native posting, uploading and ad creation across all platforms.

We produced ad copy and uploaded all social ads for the campaign, subsequently managing and monitoring the output and results. We created targeted audience profiles of both leaving certificate students and parents of teenagers in the wider Dundalk region. We also managed a combined Search and Display Google Ads campaign, designing dynamic Display ad creative and writing targeted Search network ads. The online campaign successfully connected with relevant audiences and generated relevant traffic to the DkIT website.

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