Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production

Gaisce, LikeMinded Programme: Making and Meeting

Created in 2019 the LikeMinded programme addresses the mental health challenges and issues at school faced by young LGBTQIA+ people, as well as capturing the positive values of equality, inclusivity, and representation, contributing to the wider ethos of the Gaisce organisation. Piquant worked with LikeMinded to produce a documentary video that showcases the young people’s creative process and the experience of exhibiting in the National Gallery of Ireland for Gaisce, the President’s Award.

What we did:

  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Camera Operation
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics Design
Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT — Using the exhibition as a focal point of the showcase, the concept for this video piece centres around the idea of “Making and Meeting”. This video explores the feelings and experiences of the LikeMinded programme participants as they journeyed through creating and showcasing their art, and meeting and connecting with other young people. The video approach combines interviews with the young people as they install their art in the gallery, with documentary footage of the installation and exhibition opening, alongside self-shot footage by the young people creating their art.

Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production
Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production
Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production

VIDEO PRODUCTION — The production was filmed across two days at the National Gallery of Ireland. On the first day the crew captured the experiences of the young people through a vox pop style of interview, and filmed the installation of their art pieces. On day two, when the exhibition opened to friends and families, the crew were there to capture the true essence of this special achievement by the participants and to record their feelings as they reflected on the project and their involvement.

Gaisce Likeminded Video and Production

EDIT — The Piquant team relished the process of merging a wonderful story shared by brave young people. Recording on two separate days each brought a different feel and had to be treated accordingly. The video treatment was driven by the emotion. The footage of day one brought a sombre mood as the themes of their art pieces communicated challenging issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. Our team felt the audio and music needed to suit this message.

The self-shot footage recorded by the participant acted as the bridge to connect the footage to day two that saw a bright and joyous shift in the video. The audio plays a vital role in charging the flow of the video. As scenes of friends smiling, laughing and sharing moments together are linked with an upbeat music track that allows the viewer to connect with the emotion shared by the video participants.

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“The video is spectacular and very touching. A real credit to your ability to get the youth voices through in a clear and connected way.”
Gaisce Likeminded Programme Marketing Team