National Womens Council of Ireland It Stops Now Campaign Web Design and Development Graphic Design

National Women’s Council of Ireland: It Stops Now

The National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) is Ireland’s leading women’s membership organisation seeking equality between men and women. We worked with NWCI on the branding, web design and development of ‘It Stops Now’, an international campaign managed by NWCI that aims to prevent and combat sexual harassment and violence and build a culture of zero tolerance in third level institutions throughout Europe.

What we did:

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography Production
  • Web Design & Development
Information on sexual assault with halting hand gesture for It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign Graphic Design and photography

THE PROJECT   The aim of the ‘It Stops Now’ campaign is to raise awareness of the prevalence of gender-based harassment and violence in third level education and to engage both staff and students in combatting all forms of harassment and violence against women students. NWCI lead the campaign with project partners, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) in Cyprus, the Women’s Issues Information Centre (WIIC) in Lithuania, Rape Crisis Scotland (RCS) and the Women’s Equality Commissioner, Ludwig-Maximilian at the University of Munich in Germany. Each project partner worked with higher education institutions, both staff and students; statutory agencies and NGOs focused on combatting sexual violence and harassment against women.

Repeating logo branding for It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign graphic design
Branding for It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign including logo, typography and colour palatte
Zero tolerance art direction for It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign Graphic Design
Emoji-inspired artwork for It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign branding
No means no print and signage for It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign
Halt hand signal poster for It Stops Now European Union Women's Rights campaign art direction
it stops now campaign 100Archive 2018 selection

IDENTITY — We worked with the team at NWCI to create a brand identity through digital, print, signage, photography and art direction that would resonate with students and staff at third level institutions around Europe. This branding had to be able to capture people’s attention in busy environments. We wanted to create a fluid identity that could accommodate serious messages and communicate academic research yet be accessible and reflective of women’s lived experience.  The goal of the project was to generate awareness but also connect with the third-level community to show them that they have the power to make the change.

It Stops Now campaign video production

VIDEO —We created a video that communicated the messages of the campaign, promoting a zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence and harassment. We developed a concept that showed students as active and empowered participants in an intervention demanding change. The campaign video concept formed the basis of a wider poster and sticker campaign rolled out across European college campuses, inspiring mural interventions in multiple colleges.

ItStopsNow-campaign-toolkit-1 ItStopsNow-campaign-toolkit-2

TOOLKIT — The It Stops Now Toolkit is a free resource which aims to empower staff and students in higher education institutes to combat sexual violence and harassment. We designed the Toolkit document, covering areas such as policy development, training and campaigning, which is available both in print and for download on the website.

It Stops Now European Union Womens Rights Campaign Website Design

WEBSITE — As the campaign is to be rolled out over 3 years, the website requires a three-phase approach with an initial site in place to launch the campaign; a fully developed English language site will go live in 2018, followed by mirror sites in Greek and Lithuanian. The tri-lingual website includes a searchable research and publications archive, and news items organised by language and country. The website will unite the online community and empower them to both recognise and improve the difficulties women face.