NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management

National Adult Literacy Agency: Learn with NALA

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) launched a campaign to promote free distance learning resources for adults with literacy difficulties. Piquant managed a cross-platform social and digital campaign to promote these offerings, developing a campaign strategy, schedule, and social media content, and placing social and digital advertising.

What we did:

  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Digital Advertising, Placement & Monitoring
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Graphics & Animations
NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management
NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management
NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT — We developed a cross channel social and digital strategy, outlining objectives, audiences and initiatives to be carried out over the course of the campaign. We conducted extensive audience analysis to segment audience groups, and identify key messages. This was then applied to a detailed day by day social and digital campaign schedule, including advertising, organic content, and influencer marketing.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT — Piquant planned all social content and allocated spend across advertising messages and platforms. Organic and advertising content was placed across Facebook and Twitter. Social advertising saw very significant results, with very high click-through rates on Facebook, high levels of engagement on Twitter, and very low cost per results.

NALA Distance Learning Campaign
NALA Distance Learning Campaign

DIGITAL ADVERTISING — Alongside the social media campaign, we created and managed digital advertising on the Google Search network, to reach anyone searching for relevant terms and drive them to the NALA website. We created a digital advertising schedule, preparing the copy for all text ads, and segmenting ad groups by audience.

INFLUENCER MARKETING — We engaged with influencers in order to spread awareness of the campaign among audiences in a way that is authentic and personal. We targeted influencers that suited our target audiences, including parenting and lifestyle categories, and crafted a message that would resonate with their followers. Influencers based in Dublin, Cork and Limerick signal boosted our message on Instagram and Twitter, creating content and sharing campaign graphics. We worked with Shoshannah Wood, Meghann Scully, and Grace Rattigan (frillyflossy).

NALA Distance Learning Campaign
NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management

CONTENT CREATION — We created organic and advertising social media content, developing a campaign design utilising the NALA brand, which we applied to a wide range of animated and still social media graphics. Our design approach focussed heavily on accessibility, with plain English principles, colour coded content series, simple icons and easy to read text. Piquant also created all copy for native and advertising posts on social and digital. We used a plain English copywriting style, particularly on the Facebook platform, for all social and digital posts, headlines, calls to action and descriptions.

NALA Distance Learning Campaign Management

OUTCOME & RESULTS The campaign resulted in over 40,000 clicks to the NALA website from social and digital content. Piquant created a very successful Facebook lead ad which generated quality leads for NALA and by the end of the campaign, hundreds of adults were engaged in long-term, over the phone tutoring with NALA, getting help with things like everyday maths, spelling and technology. The campaign was shortlisted in the Best Social Media Strategy category at the Irish Social Media Awards 2020

“I left school at about 11. The union suggested [literacy classes] to me years ago but I just was too afraid – it was the ad on Facebook that got me going.”
NALA Learner