Video and photography production for Limerick Institute of Technology featuring BA (fine arts) student in studio

Limerick Institute of Technology: Undergraduate Campaigns

We worked with Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) on two CAO campaigns (2016/17 & 2017/18) promoting LIT to potential students, their parents and guidance counsellors. The project involved campaign strategy development, social media scheduling, graphic design, copywriting, and video and photography. The campaign was rolled out across web, social media, outdoor, cinema, digital and radio using an integrated approach that maintained a cohesive visual campaign. The campaigns successfully connected with the targeted audience groups, generating awareness of LIT offerings and driving traffic to the campaign website.

What we did:

  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video & Photography
Video and photography production of how LIT meets students' educational needs

2017/18 CAO Undergraduate Campaign — Developing and expanding on the 2016/17 campaign, the 2017/18 campaign concept introduced young potential students and explored what they want in a third level institution. The campaign then focussed on 4 students (or campaign heroes) who shared their experiences of LIT through video and photography, web and graphic design. We advised LIT through campaign strategy development on the release of the content across social, digital and other platforms, developed an integrated media strategy and created day-by-day social media scheduling for the duration of the campaign.

Video and photography production of 3rd year LIT fine arts student
LIT graphic design. 'Learn through creativity.' White and black font on red background with LIT logo
Graphic design and campaign strategy development for LIT. 3rd year fine art student on side of bus.

Video & Photography — The campaign photography featured the 4 campaign heroes in their own on-campus environments. The students were photographed in their workshops, studios and labs to showcase the hands-on and practical learning opportunities at LIT; the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge is at the heart of the LIT approach. The campaign videos included a feature video, introducing the young potential students, and 4 campaign hero videos that focussed on the students’ own practical and positive experience of LIT.

Social & Digital Content — The key difference in the social assets created for the 2017/18 campaign compared to the previous year was the explosion of Snapchat use among the target audience. We responded to this social media development by creating Snapchat-specific content and by identifying opportunities for Snapchat takeovers featuring the campaign heroes and other students on-campus, and by creating wraparound Snaps that were integrated into the LIT Snapchat story. Other social and digital assets created for the campaign included videos, graphics, branded photography, animations and digital advertising.

Outdoor, Cinema & Radio — We identified suitable outdoor formats for the campaign, coordinated the bookings and developed the graphics. We also produced cinema adverts and radio adverts as part of integrated LIT Undergraduate campaigns to generate awareness of LIT’s offerings. Radio adverts were produced to support and enhance the messaging communicated across OOH, digital and cinema. We were responsible for script writing, talent management, recording, direction and post production across all radio adverts. Radio ads were released across national and local stations.

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LIT graphic design. 'Learn through practice' white & black on red background with LIT logo
Graphic design LIT students on public bus
Video and photography production LIT hurler practicing on the pitch
LIT graphic design & campaign strategy development #makeitLIT red and white font on black
LIT graphic design and campaign strategy development. "Learn through exploration". Student using virtual reality headset. LIT graphic design & campaign strategy development. "Learn through making". Student holding new equipment. LIT graphic design & campaign strategy development. "Learn through connecting." Three students walking through the halls of LIT. LIT graphic design & campaign strategy development. A student scientist learning through testing.

2016/17 CAO Undergraduate Campaign — focussed on LIT’s balance between theory and practice, the active learning environment and the excellent career prospects for graduates. We developed an integrated media plan that coordinated the campaign across multiple platforms and outlets, and produced day-by-day social media scheduling for the release of native and paid content throughout the 2 months of the campaign.

Video & Photography — LIT’s active learning environment was demonstrated in a series of images showcasing students actively applying learned theory through hands-on practical learning opportunities. We created a series of videos focussed on successful LIT graduates who are achieving in their chosen careers. The connection between studying at LIT and career achievement was demonstrated by interviewing these graduates and showcasing their work environments.

Social & Digital Content — We created a suite of social assets to be used by LIT’s in-house social media team. The assets included videos, graphics and animations in outputs suitable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Branded graphics and cover photos were created for use across the social platforms and websites. We designed a range of display advertising content for Google AdWords.

Outdoor, Cinema & Radio — We identified suitable outdoor formats for the campaign, coordinated the bookings and developed the graphics. We also produced a cinema advert and radio advert as part of the overall campaign.

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Video and photography production on LIT alumni careers
LIT video and photography production of man in sports uniform on a dark pitch
LIT video and photography production of alumnus in her chosen career