Narrative 4 Campaign Management

Narrative 4: #EmpathyIsAGamechanger

Narrative 4 are leaders in empathy education, and believe that empathy can play a role in solving problems related to division, extremism and racism. Piquant worked with Narrative 4 to design and manage a social and digital media campaign to highlight the importance of empathy and the value it brings to wider society. The Narrative 4 campaign was shortlisted for the 2022 Irish Digital Media Awards in the Best in Not-for-Profit category.

What we did:

  • Campaign Concept Development
  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Graphics & Animations
  • Social Media Advertising

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT — A campaign concept was developed to reflect the rise of hate and division in Ireland, and raise awareness about empathy in wider society. Central to the concept was the need for empathy and encouraging people to ‘change the game’. A binary opposite linguistic approach was used to convey key messages: ‘Hate is rising up, bring it down with empathy’. This conveyed both the need and urgency for empathy to bring an end to hate and division in Ireland.

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY — A cross channel social and digital campaign strategy and campaign schedule were created, including plans for native content, paid advertising and influencer amplifying. An action-oriented campaign was developed in order to drive genuine engagement from audiences. The result was the creation of the ‘Gamechanger Network’ and a range of associated engagement activities, including a newsletter sign-up, a launch event, and free online training.

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Narrative 4 Campaign Management
Narrative 4 Campaign Management

RESULTS — A key aim of the campaign was to drive meaningful engagement from audiences, not just by sharing campaign content, but by signing up to the newsletter, free training, launch event, and the teacher training. The campaign succeeded in building sign ups for the Gamechanger network and interest in the Facilitator Training, both through content click throughs and through lead generation advertising on Facebook. During the campaign period, there were over 300 newsletter sign ups, 125 registrations for the free training, and 66 enquiries for the teacher training.

CAMPAIGN CONTENT — Native content was planned and released across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, while advertising content was placed across multiple channels to help us reach a variety of audiences, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Organic content drove high levels of engagement, with shares on high profile Instagram accounts, and positive engagement on Twitter in particular. Key to the campaign strategy was utilizing paid and native content specific to each platform; we worked with Narrative 4 ambassador Louise Cantillon to create portrait social videos which were used as content on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

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