Regional Waste Recycling National Campaign Graphic Design

Recycling List Ireland: New Recycling List National Campaign

Recycling List Ireland is a national campaign run by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the new nationally agreed list of items that can go into the household recycling bin. Piquant worked with Recycling List Ireland to raise awareness nationally of the new recycling list and to increase Ireland’s rate of successful recycling.

What we did:

  • Campaign Concept
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design (print, web, social, digital)
  • Photography and Video Production
  • Radio Ad Production
  • Copywriting
Regional Waste Recycling-Campaign Graphic Design
Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Graphic Design
Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Graphic Design

CAMPAIGN CONCEPT— We created an overall campaign concept to deliver the new recycling information in an uncomplicated yet engaging way.  Copywriting and visual style were paired right back so that the message of the new recycling list was front and centre. With the list as the central focus of the campaign, we developed a brand identity that would allow us to communicate this message through multiple formats and engage with a wide range of audiences around the country.

OUTDOOR & PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS — With all the brand assets in place, we developed the creative to roll the campaign out nationally across multiple public formats including billboards, adshels, posters, conference displays, bus rears and more.

RADIO & TV — We developed and produced two radio ads, released in two stages. The adverts were released across Ireland on national and local stations. We also produced television adverts in the English and Irish languages for release on national broadcasters RTE, TV3 and TG4. The adverts featured animation and motion graphics in the Recycling List Ireland brand style.

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Regional Waste Recycling Campaign-Graphic Design Advertising Outdoor
Regional Waste Recycling Campaign-Graphic Design Advertising Outdoor

ONLINE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT — We assisted in the management of the social and digital channels for Recycling List Ireland, offering social media consultation, content schedules, native uploading and strategy development. We managed all copywriting for paid advertising campaigns on social, and created assets for both native uploading and social advertising, as well as Google Display ads.

WEBSITE —We designed a microsite featuring the campaign videos, the downloadable list, facts about the recyclable items and a series of helpful FAQs. All the campaign artwork and communications reference the microsite, encouraging audiences to engage with the site for further information about Ireland’s new recycling list.

Regional Waste Recycling-Campaign Graphic Design
Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Website Design

VIDEO — We produced a series of educational videos to help raise awareness of specific recycling issues. For each video, we conducted extensive research, developed the concept, produced the script, and sourced expert speakers. The videos focused on the topics of coffee cup disposal, reusing and upcycling, and the economics of plastic recycling in Ireland.

Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Video and Photography Production-2 Regional-Waste-Recycling-Campaign-Video-and-Photography-Production-4 Regional-Waste-Recycling-Campaign-Video-and-Photography-Production-5 Regional-Waste-Recycling-Campaign-Video-and-Photography-Production-3

COFFEE CUP VIDEO — In order to raise awareness of Irish recycling regulations surrounding single-use coffee cups, we developed a video concept that would open the public’s eyes to the volume of cups disposed of in Ireland every second, minute, hour and day.

Through extensive research, we developed visual representations of these figures and constructed a container to demonstrate the volume of cups wasted every hour in Ireland. This container formed the focus of our video, as we brought it to the streets of Dublin, successfully engaging the public in the discussion. The final video combined motion graphics, vox pos, interviews and VO and was extensively viewed and shared on social platforms.

COFFEE CUP TOUR — Following on from the high levels of engagement and interest in the Coffee Cup Container, we launched a nationwide tour to tie in with the online awareness campaign. We displayed the container at prominent festivals and events around the country, creating a touring installation project that brought the message to the streets and reached thousands of people.

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REUSE MONTH — We produced a series of videos to promote national Reuse Month, with the aim of making people and businesses aware of how they already reuse goods, while inspiring them to do just that little bit more.

The first video focussed on this theme of ‘reuse every day’. In order to reach as wide an audience as possible, we utilised influencer marketing, sourcing the right personality to lend their voice to the campaign and liaising with them directly. We recruited blogger and journalist Rosemary McCabe to feature in the video and promote the message on her social channels.

We subsequently produced a series of videos focussing on upcycling as a way to reuse, repurpose and reimagine everyday items. We sourced three people who have turned upcycling from a creative hobby into a passion, or in some cases a successful business. The resulting videos formed part of a cross channel social campaign surrounding Reuse Month, and highlighted three distinct areas of upcycling.

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Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Video and Photography Production-7
Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Video and Photography Production-8
Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Video and Photography Production-9

PLASTICS VIDEO —  We produced a video focusing on the economics of plastic recycling in Ireland, developing an informative script that gave a comprehensive overview of the how and why of plastics recycling from an Irish perspective. The video combined studio shots of plastic items, graphic elements, on location shots at Panda recycling plant, and featured economist Dr Stephen Kinsella.

Regional Waste Recycling Campaign Video and Photography Production-10