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Novas’ Abigail Women’s Centre, the only dedicated female homeless service in Dublin, provides support and accommodation to more than 30 women. The Abigail Women’s Centre engaged in a therapeutic project with the residents, as a means of supporting them to express their experiences of homelessness. Through the concept development of this project, we helped create a series of short stories written by the women themselves expressing their experiences of homelessness in Dublin.

What we did:

  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Video Production
Novas Ireland video production of young woman's story

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT — We worked with Novas to select three of the women’s stories and create a video for each story that expressed the women’s experiences and emotions while they wrote the stories. The video production featured actors and voice over artists and filming in the Novas Abigail Women’s Centre and around Dublin City.

SCRIPT WRITING — During the process we were mindful that these were the real stories of single homeless women in Dublin. We were conscious of the need to preserve the womens’ personal testimonies and voice.

VIDEO PRODUCTION — With the assistance of voice actors we illustrated these stories and brought them to life.

Novas Ireland video production of homeless woman's short story, "Boardgames"

“BABY SHOES” — tells the story of a homeless young woman and the desperation of being separated from her child.

“BOARDGAMES” — features the story of a homeless woman as she reminisces on the happier moments of her childhood and contemplates a life without homelessness.

“NOTEBOOK” — brings to life the story of a homeless woman as she reflects on the chaos and destruction that lead to her becoming homeless.

The videos were released across social media and through the online press where they were widely viewed and shared. We created a series of social and digital graphics including social media cover photos, web banners, and branded imagery to support the videos’ release. The video series was central to an ongoing process to generate empathy and awareness of the growing number of homeless women in Dublin.

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Novas Ireland video production of homeless woman's story about alcohol addiction