University Hospital Limerick Graphic Spatial Design featuring blurred man

University Hospital Limerick: Cystic Fibrosis Unit

The Cystic Fibrosis Department in the University Hospital Limerick is a new state-of-the-art two-floor in-patient and out-patient unit for adults with cystic fibrosis on the third floor of the Leben Building. Through spatial design, art direction, print and signage, we brought colour and light to change this functional space into a dynamic and mulitlayered timeless environment that is relaxing for all patients.

What we did:

  • Print
  • Signage
  • Art direction
  • Spatial Design
Pink jellyfish against blue background, inspiration for art direction at University Hospital Limerick Art direction for the spatial design in the CF Unit at University Hospital Limerick photographing cyanotypes for art direction University Hospital Limerick
Spatial design in soft, ocean-inspired colours at University Hospital Limerick
University Hospital Limerick signage of "calm, consistent, unobstructed".
Art design inspired by sea creatures at University Hospital Limerick CF Unit

THE CREATION PROCESS — As a functional space, the CF unit worked well on a day-to-day basis though the department lacked any sense of place, significance or individual expression. The circulation spaces were featureless, lacking vibrancy or colour for the clients or staff.

Our art direction was inspired by the words calm, consistent, and unobstructed. Inspired by images of floating sea creatures we wanted to create a unique wallpaper. This required a hands-on process to create a customised wallpaper for the unit; a generative graphic creation process would reflect the translucent organic qualities of calm floating sea creatures in the unit’s décor. We explored various techniques including photographic cyanotypes, the process of seeping ink on paper and the mixing of ink and water. When a surfactant (wetting agent or soap) is dropped on an oil-based ink sitting on the water’s surface, the ink spreads instantaneously to create a marbling effect. Each dropping action delivers a wholly unique result and fantastic organic images.

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University Hospital Limerick spatial design with keywords "calm", "consistent" and "unobstructed".
University Hospital Limerick graphic design print decorator installing design
Print and signage in the reception area of the Cystic Fibrosis Unit at the University Hospital Limerick
University Hospital Limerick spatial design in cystic fibrosis unit

THE RESULT — Working with paint, water and paper, we illuminated, photographed and layered this process to create a series of base images to illustrate from. We then created a series of clean, sharp, translucent vector illustrations that flow and ebb organically and reflect the repeatable patterns we find in nature. The handmade element of the process ensures that the unit has a fully customised and unique wallpaper. In the unit, these images adorn the walls and the contrast of sharp edge lines and organic shapes provides a pleasing contrast. Each element of the illustrations are familiar yet wholly unique. The colours are quite soothing against the white background and the images engage the imagination. The project was initiated and rolled out by Hugh Kelly Architects.

Graphic design of abstract artwork for University Hospital Limerick Artwork for University Hospital Limerick University Hospital Limerick graphic spatial design artwork