student survey brand development

Student Survey is the national survey for third level students in Ireland. It is focused on driving student engagement and gathering data about the student experience each calendar year. The collected data is then available for institutions and policymakers to inform their decision-making strategy. Piquant was tasked with developing a new brand identity, website design and reports for

What we did:

  • Brand Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Photography Production
  • Content Creation
student survey logo student survey logo student survey logo student survey logo student survey logo
student survey brand development
student survey brand development
student survey brand development

BRAND DEVELOPMENT —After analysis of key demographics and stakeholders we worked with and select members of various Irish student bodies to develop a youthful and energetic brand that would be relevant to those eligible to take the survey. We created a large body of brand assets, including a striking colour scheme, branded emojis and dramatic typographic treatments. This brand was created to be flexible, with these interchangeable assets on hand, print and digital material could be created quickly and consistently, by both designers and students, without compromising on the quality of the final outputted materials.

BRANDED EMOJIS —During our research we concluded that to best speak to the student population, we had to reflect the language used by students in everyday conversation. In recent years this syntax has come to include liberal use of emojis as a visual shorthand for tone and emotion. To address this, we created a suite of bespoke emoji illustrations that could be slotted between words and used as decorative elements within a branded application.

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student survey brand development

CONTENT CREATION — We generated a large number of marketing materials to be used during the marketing of the survey. These assets, with key strategic messaging, are aimed to be used at different points of the marketing campaign and are free to be distributed by, participating institutions and students. We also provided the individual assets, colours, emojis, fonts and brand guidelines, to be used by students and institutions to encourage them to customise their campaign and output tailored to their own students’ wants and needs.

student survey brand application
student survey brand application
student survey brand application student survey brand application student survey brand application

Video — We developed a series of high energy motion graphic videos that were designed to energise the target audience, build brand awareness and ultimately drive participation in the online survey. The videos included sourced footage from many of the national university campuses along with animated brand elements. We also created multiple short-format videos for various social media channels.

Student Survey Motion graphic still

EDITORIAL DESIGN — Using the data generated from the survey we designed a report document. The style of this document needed to be distinct from the core brand, as the target audiences were professionals and academics, rather than students. The brand was created with the intention that we could tone down certain aspects of the brand, in this case, we reverted to a neutral secondary typeface and pulled back from our punchy colour palette and expressive emojis. The result still comfortably sits within the brand but has a more refined tone to better represent the content of the report.

student survey report design student survey report design student survey report design student survey report design

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT —We developed a website informed by the needs of our client. Mapped out with a wireframe and sitemap the website would act as an easy to use portal in which a student could find information on the survey, learn how the data is analysed and used, and take the survey. Key functionalities were developed, such as downloadable content which the institutions could then use as part of their own campaign, as well as a blog to keep users informed about the stages of the survey cycle and announcements.