Troy Studios Limerick branding on signage. Front entrance on autumn day.

Troy Studios

Troy Studios is an exciting new venture for Limerick that houses 340,000 square feet of high specification film studio and support facilities for international film and television productions. Wanting to work with local colleges,  Troy Studios chose Piquant to assist in the creation of a workable brand as two of our directors are graduates of Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD). Mentoring and guiding a team of talented LSAD students, we realised the branding, digital, print, signage, art direction, photography and web design and development for Troy Studios.

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Print
  • Signage
  • Art direction
  • Photography
  • Web Design & Development
Limerick School of Art and Design workshop idea board at Troy Studios
Students of Limerick School of Art and Design at a branding workshop in Troy Studios
Troy Studios Limerick School of Art and Design workshop branding ideas
Troy Studios Graphic Design Research

Collaboration — We created a logo and brand identity for the new international film studio based in Limerick. Out of a pool of ideas from the students, we chose the strongest idea and worked that into a coherent brand. We developed an identity design brief and then set about presenting a series of workshops to the final year Visual Communications students in LSAD.

Logo Graphic Design for Troy Studios Limerick

Developing an Identity — Moving on from initial sketches on the day of the workshop, we rolled out the identity based on the concept of naturally occurring patterns in the area as represented by a single line. This line permeates through the whole identity and goes on to form the logo, the iconography and the bespoke font we created for Troy Studios.

Iconography design with consistent branding identity for Troy Studios facilities

Way Finding System — After a series of visits and consultations with Troy Studios, we noted that a big part of the studio’s identity was to make sure that visitors could find their way around the massive building. This dynamic identity serves as a way finding system as visitors follow the colour coded lines around the building.

Typography design and branding for Troy Studios Limerick
Brand design for signage at Troy Studios reception, Limerick.
Troy Studios Limerick Interior design reflecting waypath signage
Typography design and signage for Troy Studios Limerick on studio windows.

Showcasing A Film Studio — We created a video, a series of photos, a brochure and developed a website for Troy Studios that serve to offer the viewers information about the unique facilities available at this state-of-the-art studio.

Troy Studios Limerick video and photography production cat walk
Troy Studios Limerick Brochure Graphic Design front cover
Troy Studios Limerick way finding system graphic design, signage, digital
Troy Studios Limerick brochure, graphic design. Inside the brochure. Troy Studios Limerick brochure graphic design. Front cover held by pair of hands. Brochure graphic design. Inside cover detailing Troy Studios facilities and Limerick's attractions.
Web design and development for Troy Studios Limerick by Piquant