University Concert Hall Campaign Strategy Development

University Concert Hall: Autumn Programme Campaign

University Concert Hall (UCH) is a 1,038 seat auditorium situated on the University of Limerick campus. We worked with UCH to develop a 2 week promotional campaign, off the back of their new website launch. As part of this campaign, we developed a campaign strategy, a content schedule, and managed the placement of advertising and native content on social and digital channels. The result was a highly successful campaign which drove excellent engagement, newsletter sign ups and revenue.

What we did:

  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Creation
University Concert Hall Campaign Strategy Development

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY — A cross channel social and digital campaign strategy and campaign schedule was created, including plans for native content and paid advertising. At the strategy stage, we distilled the campaign messages, identified the channels to be used, and devised initiatives to reach our audiences and communicate our messages. The target audiences for this campaign were 35-64 year olds in Limerick, Tipperary and Clare. We wanted to communicate the breadth of UCH’s programming to both old and new audiences. Social and digital advertising used location targeting and age targeting, combined with interest targeting to reach people interested in the key genres (country, classical, cinema and comedy) and with general interests in arts and entertainment.

CONTENT CREATION — We created a suite of campaign graphics for use on native and advertising social placements, using the UCH brand and photography. As well as static social graphics, we created animated HTML Display Ads, to be placed across target websites. We developed a series of key messages that highlighted the convenience and experience of attending a show at UCH, as well as the breadth of programming on offer.

SOCIAL ADVERTISING — Social ads were placed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, while display ads were placed through Google Ads. Social ads used a mixture of campaign graphics and event promotional graphics, with creative variations in each ad set. All ads generated strong results at a low cost: on Facebook we saw 10,000 link clicks in the 2 weeks at an average cost per click of €0.15, and over 8,000 clicks on Twitter at an average cost per click of €0.04.

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LEAD GENERATION — A key objective of the campaign was to drive sign ups to the UCH newsletter. We created a Facebook lead form ad to gather email addresses which could then be input into the mailing list system. The lead ad was very successful, gathering 332 emails at a cost per lead of €0.60.

RESULTS — During the 2 week campaign period, there was a 45% increase in website visitors compared to the previous period, a 29% increase in revenue, and a 55% increase in website sessions. Google Search was also set up as a new revenue stream. Overall, there was a 22% increase in transactions, with a 280% increase in transactions from Social, 127% increase from Referrals, and 100% increase from Paid Search (Google Ads).

Web Traffic

45% increase in website visitors

Increased Revenue

29% increase in revenue

Social Transactions

280% increase in transactions from social


332 newsletter sign ups

Impact: Across the board, the campaign was a great success, successfully achieving all aims set out. We reached new and old audiences through native content and advertising, drove impressions across all channels, and delivered strong results at a low cost per click across social advertising, display ads and Google Search. This translated into a strong increase in visits to the website, and transactions.