UL Undergrad Brand identity #studyatul and colour palatte

University of Limerick Undergraduate Campaigns

Piquant Media worked with University of Limerick to create an undergraduate recruitment brand identity. Once the brand was in place we managed two undergraduate campaigns and created a series of marketing materials, online content, videos, photography, copywriting, cinema adverts and radio adverts. The key aim of the recruitment brand and the campaigns was to communicate the energy and facilities of UL to a local, national and international audience.

What we did:

  • Brand Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Photography Production
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Content Creation
UL Undergrad Video and photography production developing the brand identity featuring student taking a photo with smartphone

BRAND DEVELOPMENT — It was important that the recruitment brand complimented and worked within the parameters and brand guidelines of the existing UL brand, while also introducing a flexibility and energy to allow for specific communications to key audience groups and maintaining the clarity and core message of wider recruitment campaign drives.

BRAND CONCEPT — The brand consists of a core #StudyAtUL logo along with a system of high contrast interchangeable elements (icons, graphics, imagery, typographic) that can be adapted depending on context. The #StudyAtUL brand visually encompasses the experiences and prospects that a course of study at the University of Limerick can offer current and potential students.
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UL Undergrad Brand identity guidelines featuring logos, colour palatte, brand pattern elements, general icons, infographic icons and typography

ICONOGRAPHY & GRAPHIC IMAGERY — We developed a brand iconography style and created a suite of icons to represent academic programmes, on campus facilities, student supports, clubs and societies and buildings and resources throughout the University. The high contrast graphic imagery and iconography in combination with clear typographic messages created a memorable and distinct communication system.

SCALEABLE DESIGN — Creative, and strongly visual, the brand identity was designed to be flexible and scaleable to achieve a cohesive presence for University of Limerick across all print and digital formats from large scale billboards to mobile friendly animations and videos.

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Various UL Undergrad brochures featuring new recruitment brand identity UL Undergrad Brochure Design on UL sports scholarships Samples of UL Undergrad brochure design
Various brochures for the UL Undergrad campaign featuring graphic design and brand identity
UL Undergrad brochure design for the open day. Graphic design UL Undergrad Editorial Design Stack of UL undergrad prospectus. Graphic design

PRINT DESIGN — The recruitment brand identity has been applied to a full range of printed materials. This includes programme brochures, leaflets, 48 sheets billboards, bus advertising, on-campus signage, promotional banners and a suite of marketing merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, pens etc.)

MESSAGING — It is important that communications from the University of Limerick to audiences young and old are vibrant, engaging, confident, playful and relevant. The range of printed materials showcases the flexibility and capacity of the brand to communicate multiple messages confidently in a clearly and consistently.

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UL Undergrad Brand identity worn by a student volunteer at the open day #studyatul UL Undergrad brand identity on tshirts, banners and brochures. Image features two student volunteers and others in the background UL Undergrad brand identity visible on tshirts worn by student volunteers for the open day UL Undergrad Brand identity on banner welcoming visitors to the campus
UL Undergrad Brand identity on a welcome sign on campus
UL Undergrad Brand identity visible on banners around campus
UL Undergrad graphic design of open day banners around campus UL Undergrad graphic design of banners at the open day UL Undergrad graphic design of banners for the various schools

GRAPHIC DESIGN — The recruitment brand identity graphics were rolled out across online and digital platforms. Still and animated graphics were used to creatively engage audiences on social media through eye-catching online content and clear messaging.

University of Limerick undergraduate campaign photography production student in kayaking gear
UL Undergrad graphic design of brand identity promoting Erasmus at UL.
UL Undergrad Iconography for brand identity development. UL Undergrad Iconography representing the sports arena and the boatclub UL Undergrad Iconography representing the flagpoles and the sun on the horizon
UL Undergrad Brand Development motion graphic design of two flagpoles

UNDERGRAD CAO CAMPAIGN 2015/16 — The undergrad CAO campaign of 2015/16 was the first opportunity to present the new recruitment brand to audiences. Piquant Media managed the campaign across multiple platforms and created all the graphic, photographic and online assets. The key aims of the campaign were to connect with potential UL students, their parents and their teachers drive attendance at the UL January Open Day and to build awareness of UL in the final weeks before the CAO deadline (end of January).

INTEGRATED MEDIA PLAN — Piquant developed an integrated media plan to identify key messages and audiences, and to ensure maximum visibility across print, cinema, online and digital platforms.

DESIGN — Piquant designed a full range of print, outdoor, digital, cinema and social media advertising content in addition to creating complimentary native content for online and social media.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO PRODUCTION — We created a series of videos and photographs to highlight the student experience at UL. The videos were constructed from a combination of footage we created and existing footage sourced from students, clubs and societies and faculties. The videos were delivered in various formats for cinema ads, YouTube pre-roll, Facebook and Instagram.

DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT — For the duration of the campaign, Piquant managed the University of Limerick social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), creating and releasing targeted native content and audience focussed adverts, maintaining a responsive and interactive conversation with the audience.

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UL Undergrad video and photography production image of UL student abroad
UL Undergrad video and photography production student on GAA football pitch
UL Undergrad iconography for international exchange UL Undergrad iconography for sports science UL Undergrad iconography for Journalism and New Media UL Undergrad Brand Development and iconography for music technology
UL Undergrad Brand identity development with tagline "This is studying at UL"

UNDERGRAD CAO CAMPAIGN 2016/17 — Building on the brand identity and graphic style of the 2015/16 undergraduate campaign, we developed a concept for the 2016/17 campaign that showcased students at UL actively learning through travel, projects, sport and work placement. The tagline for the concept was “This is Studying at UL”. The campaign successfully connected with the targeted audience groups, generating awareness in UL offerings, building audiences for the January open day and driving traffic to the campaign websites.

INTEGRATED MEDIA PLAN — We developed and costed an integrated media plan that coordinated the campaign across multiple platforms and outlets, and developed a social media schedule for both native and advertising content. The campaign was then rolled out across online, social (organic & paid), outdoor, cinema, radio and digital. We managed advertising booking, scheduling and placement across all platforms.

DESIGN — We created a suite of social assets to be used by UL’s in-house social media team. The assets included videos, graphics and animations in outputs suitable for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Branded graphics and cover photos were created for use across the social platforms and websites.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO PRODUCTION — We produced a series of videos and photographs that were used across the 360 degree campaign. The videos and photographs showcased students actively taking part in their UL studies. By telling the stories of current students through photography, video and graphics, we were able to visually highlight key UL USPs: international exchange, sporting campus and work placement programme.

DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT — We managed and monitored the social advertising across the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We created still, video, and animated adverts suitable for each social platform that targeted specific audiences. We provided advertising analytics and analysis during and following the campaign.

RADIO & CINEMA ADVERTS — We produced radio and cinema adverts that focussed on key UL USPs, encouraged attendance at the open day on the 14th January and drove traffic to the open days website.

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING — We designed and managed the local and national out of home advertising campaign that included 48 sheets, 6 sheets, bus exteriors and interior bus panels

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UL Undergrad video and photography production student scientist at work.
UL Undergrad Video and photography production featuring student getting geared up for horseriding
UL Undergrad Video and photography production of student manning camera
UL Undergrad Video and photography production featuring student on campus

MOTION GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION – Starting with the course icons, we used motion graphics to create a range of short animations to represent specific courses. The animations were published on social media as organic and advertising content to engage audiences and drive traffic towards course specific web pages.

University of Limerick Undergraduate Campaign graphic design for brand identity

UL ISSE Campaign – For the UL International Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) campaign, we developed the concept of ‘Change UL.’  We created a suite of social media assets which were rolled out across the UL social channels, with particular emphasis on the Instagram platform. We worked with UL Student Life to shoot their own interviews with UL students and staff. These interviews were used to create a DIY Instagram Story aesthetic that was ideal for the target audience and chosen platform, and followed the UL Undergraduate brand. We asked UL Student Life to pose the question ‘If you could change one thing?’ and then created the assets using these video interviews and animated graphics that we developed.