Woodelo photography production smooth finish of wooden frame and handlebars

Made from Irish ash, Woodelo bikes combine modern 3D design techniques with traditional timber knowledge and craftsmanship to create bicycles as individual as the riders. An award-winning, ethically run company based in Tipperary, Woodelo uses sustainable sources to celebrate the collaboration between traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge design. To reflect this ethos, we used modern graphic design and product photography in the brochure design to display these unique and elegant bike builds.

What we did:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography Production
Woodelo photography production saddle and frame closeup
Woodelo photography production handlebar, frame and wheel details
Woodelo photography production showing rear wheel details by Piquant Limerick
Woodelo logo graphic design white font on red background Woodelo product photography handlebars closeup Woodelo product photography bike frame

GRAPHIC DESIGN — The disjointed graphic design of the brochure zooms in on the wooden details of the frame while also suggesting the outline of the entire bike. This contrasts with and highlights the sleek, smooth finish of the build. The photographs are clutter free with a clean background so as not to distract from the bike. The special frame-only image is presented like a sculpture in ash to highlight the artistry that goes into each individual bike.

PHOTOGRAPHY PRODUCTION — To create a series of authentic images that showcase the Woodelo as an all-weather bike, we headed to the iconic Vee Pass in the Knocmealdown Mountains, County Tipperary for the photography production stage. The setting echoes Woodelo’s belief that natural materials can offer real world advantages in modern performance products.

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woodelo graphic design Woodelo brochure design by Piquant Limerick
Woodelo brochure graphic design
Woodelo graphic design brochure photography and product details

BROCHURE DESIGN — We worked with start-up Woodelo to design and layout a brochure to properly illustrate these unique bike builds. The focus on clean product images with minimal text allows the wooden design to speak for itself, highlighting the bicycle features and construction.

Environmental photography production of Woodelo bikes in action